Unsubstantiated Claims Will Increase Fear That Health Care System Cannot Be Trusted



Watching Public Television’s “Horizon” last night, I found it despicable to give time to John Dougherty’s claim that Jan Brewer is ill. If it is a lie and this is just a desperate act to assist Goddard, it had no place on a credible public information program.

Dougherty claims only anonymous sources. If the information had a health care facility or person source I only hope someone investigates and prosecutes this extreme privacy violation. The host of “Horizon” knows well that personal health information is protected by more laws than most “privacy rights.”

“Horizon” did not even offer or seek a rebuttal.

John Dougherty ran for U.S. Senate as a Democrat and “Horizon” has just become a tool of the Democratic Party. Public funding should cease.

Working in the health care industry you encounter people all the time who put off seeking care because a fear their diagnosis or treatment will become public knowledge. Strong laws with harsh penalties are in place to protect private health care information. “Horizon” airing Dougherty’s unsubstantiated claim will only increase the fear the health care system cannot be trusted.

Hunter Kemmet, RN


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