Vitamin D Is Vital For Bone Health


Nearly half of patients who go in for orthopedic surgery are seriously deficient in vitamin D, according to a recent study. Being deficient in that vitamin compromised healing.

Maybe if the patients had enough vitamin D to begin with, they wouldn’t have needed surgery in the first place. The D vitamin is essential for bone health and muscle function. It helps the body absorb calcium and can help ward off osteoporosis.

There are three ways we can get enough vitamin D: exposure to the sun, eating certain foods and taking supplements. Most foods don’t have a lot of the vitamin, but these do in varying amounts: fortified orange juice, many types of fish, eggs and dairy products, and some cereals.

Sunlight is tricky, especially in the winter. According to a fact sheet by the National Institutes of Health, those of us living above the 42nd parallel (approximately above a straight line from Boston to Northern California) likely don’t get enough sunlight from November to February to produce synthesis. Additionally, we seniors can’t synthesize sun-induced vitamin D as well as we once could.

Supplements are tricky, too. The amount of vitamin D needed on a daily basis is apparently up for debate. Different sources quote different amounts needed for bone strength. Too much is as bad as too little.

Best bet: Write down everything you eat for a week, including drinks, and take it to your doctor. Ask if you’re getting enough vitamin D in your diet alone, or if you need a supplement or a diet addition.

If you’re scheduled for surgery, ask your doctor for a vitamin D test first to make sure your levels are in the right range.

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