Companionship Can Be Found At The Shelter


We, as humans, have all searched for a companion at some point in our lives. There are many different ways to do this — by internet, want ads or even help from friends.

Have you ever wondered if animals are searching for that perfect companion, too? Well, guess what? They are. We asked some of our furry friends what they were looking for in their new companion and here are some of the answers we received.

Titus replied: “I’m a single, brown and white male pit mix, looking for a special lady that I can love, protect and spend the rest of my life with. My hobbies include long hikes in the forest, playing ball and splashing in the water. I’m a Gemini who enjoys picnics at sunset and spending quality time with my lucky lady.”

Lucy replied: “I’m a single tortoiseshell colored female looking for an easygoing companion to share my life with. I enjoy naps, bird watching and cuddling by the fire. I’m a Libra who can be a little shy, but I have plenty of love to give to my forever companion.”

Riley replied: “I’m a single, white, 5-1/2-year-old Bich-a-Poo, seeking a companion who is looking for lots of quiet, cuddle time. I am a sensual Taurus who enjoys candle lit dinners and spending plenty of time with my lady love. I enjoy brisk walks at sunrise and sunset. This charming young man is looking for a true lady love.”

Dixie replied: “I’m a single, 10-year-old tri-colored female seeking a lifetime companion who will spoil me rotten. I must be the only dog because I’m just too adorable to not have all the attention. I enjoy food and want someone who will feed me like the princess I am. Only serious suitors need apply.”

Smokey replied: “I’m a single, gray female looking for a man to keep up with a feisty, independent girl like myself. I’m an Aries who seeks quiet time watching TV, yet lives for the thrill of the moment. We can hang out and do what I want to do, or we can relax (if I say it’s ok).”

Roxie replied: “I’m a single, white and black female seeking an active companion to spend my days with. I love to play around and have a good time. I want to fulfill my dreams with my companion and enjoy every day of our lives together. Being a Pisces, I’m kind of a romantic fool who will do anything for you.”

So you see, even animals are looking to find that perfect companion, just like some of us are. Maybe you need an animal in your life right now to take long walks with and spend lots of time beside the warm fire, cuddling. Come on down to the Humane Society of Central Arizona, 812 S. McLane Road, and let us play matchmaker for you. You may be surprised to find out who you’re compatible with.


Jessie and Dixie











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Remember, Sunday, Oct. 31 is the last day to adopt a shelter dog for just $25. Starting Nov. 1, adoption fees will be as follows: $50 for adult dogs and cats and $70 for kittens and puppies. Senior to Senior adoptions and Lonely Hearts Club Members will be $25.

Also, don’t forget to vote for us at the animal rescue site. You can click to give on a daily basis for many wonderful causes. Go online to and select the purple tab. On the right-hand side of the page there will be a tab labeled “shelter challenge.” Click on that and you will then be able to enter the Humane Society of Central Arizona and click search. Once we pop up, click vote and then confirm your vote. You can do this every day and even sign up for a daily reminder. Thanks for all the support!

PAWS is sponsoring the 14th annual Chili Supper on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at the Elks Lodge on Airport Road from 4 to 7 p.m. All proceeds go to the Humane Society of Central Arizona. Enjoy a yummy menu of chili, mac and cheese, salad, rolls and delicious homemade cupcakes for desert! Price for this event is $7 for adults and $4 for children 12 and under.


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