Kirkpatrick Doesn’T Deserve Our Respect Or Our Vote



About this time last year a caustic debate was under way across the nation over the proposed “Obama Care.” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying “We need to pass it (health care) before we know what’s in it.” Our representative, Ann Kirkpatrick, had abruptly ended a meeting with a large group of constituents in Payson and a few days later walked out of another town hall meeting in Holbrook. Both these large groups of voters were opposed to Obama Care and wanted answers to their questions.

It is unforgiving for an elected official to walk out on her constituents. Kirkpatrick folded to the pressures of Nancy Pelosi and her party and voted for Obama Care.

Well, we now know what’s in the bill. And the American public doesn’t like it at all. Nearly two-thirds want it outright repealed. Twenty states are suing the federal government to have it ruled unconstitutional. Other states have placed measures on ballots to reject Obama Care — Missouri was the first to pass such a measure with a 71 percent approval.

In November, Arizonans will have the opportunity to do the same with Proposition 106 which, if passed, will stop Obama Care from being implemented in this state.

We also now know what the real cost of Obama Care will be — not the $829 billion over 10 years claimed. The more recent estimates place the actual costs closer to $2.2 trillion — that’s more than double.

Rep. Kirkpatrick also voted for the $787 billion stimulus package. It can best be described as “big government and no economy.” Only government jobs seem to have been created (and a lot of them).

Unemployment continues to ease up and now hovers just under 10 percent, but the real unemployment figure is likely several percentage points higher than government estimates.

I contacted Kirkpatrick’s office earlier this year and her staff stated $217 million had been directed to the district and created or saved 1,098 jobs. That translates into $197,632 per job! Now that’s an IQ check.

Kirkpatrick claims she is a fiscal conservative. Yet, she voted for both Obama Care and the stimulus bill — the two most costly pieces of legislation in decades. Those two votes alone have placed a huge debt on us and generations to come. You’ll find no mention of her support for these two debt-loaded bills in any of her campaign literature. She’s ducking and running again.

Kirkpatrick made a deliberate decision to ignore us on health care and many other issues important to District 1 constituents.

And she is intentionally misrepresenting her position on fiscal responsibility. She doesn’t deserve our respect and should not get our vote!

Gary Morris


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