Man Convicted Of Assault, Found Not Guilty Of Molestation


A man pleaded guilty to piercing a child’s stomach after he beat more serious charges including alleged child molestation.

However, the man will still serve 8.5 years after pleading guilty to other non-related charges.

A Gila County jury found Aaron Levario not guilty of three counts of child molestation after a three-day trial in July, said Ramai Alvarez, deputy Gila County attorney.

After the verdict, the county attorney’s office dismissed another count of child molestation and Levario pled guilty to piercing a minor without parental consent.

On Oct. 4, Levario was sentenced to serve one year in prison for the piercing, which took place several years ago in a home Levario shared with the victim, Alvarez said.

Levario was also sentenced to serve 7.5 years after pleading guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in a separate incident.

Alvarez said she would have liked to seen the jury come back with a guilty verdict in the child molestation case, especially after the victim had taken the stand.

According to Alvarez, the girl, who was 8 to 10 years old at the time the alleged abuse took place, was reportedly molested by Levario several times in the home they shared . The girl and Levario are not related.

Levario also reportedly molested a friend of the girl one time.

However, after a three-day trial and several hours of deliberation, a jury found Levario not guilty of molestation against the first child.

After the verdict, Levario pled guilty to piecing the bellybutton of the child and the other child molestation charge was dismissed.

In a separate case, Levario pled guilty to threatening two males with a shotgun.


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