Senior Center Opens Exercise And Fitness Facility



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Bonnie Schwarck demonstrates a new Nordic Track incline treadmill at the new Exercise and Fitness Facility located within the Rim Country Senior Center.

The fall foliage is at its peak in terms of color change. However, with the windy front that moved through our area, many of the trees lost their color-changing leaves.

Rain that was forecasted on Monday never materialized. As well, early in the day there were strong winds accompanied with cloudiness which was a result of the oncoming storm front which turned out to just pass over our community and brought cooler temperatures Monday night. Otherwise we have had cool, sunny days with temperatures dropping to just below freezing at night.

The Rim Country Senior Center has just opened their new Exercise and Fitness Facility. All of the fitness equipment was donated by private citizens and groups. This equipment includes exercise bicycles, stomach crunch equipment, a new Nordic Track incline treadmill and others.

Bonnie Schwarck, who is the Rim Country Senior Center secretary and program coordinator, said this would not be possible without volunteers who gave their time to prepare the room and work with the donors to acquire the equipment.

On their events calendar, The Senior Center is planning a trip to Mesa’s “Organ Stop Pizza” on Nov. 11 where the “Mighty Wurlitzer” is located. Bonnie also said there are more trips planned. The Senior Center is calling for monetary and office supply donations. Since Heber Overgaard is unincorporated, very little public funding goes into supporting the Senior Center.

Bonnie said, “If a group, company, organization, or individual can give a little every month or whenever possible to help with ongoing daily operation of the center, which includes heating, cooling, gasoline for the vans, etc., we can continue to offer many services to the public.”

Please call the Rim Country Senior Center at (928) 535-5525 for more information regarding the times for the Exercise and Fitness Facility, the “Organ Stop Pizza” trip, or to help by giving a donation.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has been working in our area to improve intersection “field of view” for motorists. It was observed at the intersection of Tonto and State Highway 277 where trees were trimmed back for motorists to be able to view oncoming traffic better.

This is to prevent accidents where vehicles pull out onto the highway due to a tree obstructing views of traffic.

Once they completed the abatement there, the workers continued going west on State Highway 277 toward State Highway 260.


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