Village Has Frost On The Pumpkin



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Bobbette Davis on Johnson Boulevard in Tonto Village goes all-out with her Halloween decorations. She will add to her decorations just for Halloween night.

There has been a bit of controversy over when the kids should go out to trick or treat, whether on Saturday, Oct. 30 or Sunday, Oct. 31. The question has been brought up on television and in the newspapers. The consensus has been to trick or treat on Sunday.

What is your opinion? My own opinion is that the kids really don’t know about the origin of the day, they are just interested in dressing up in a costume and getting free candy. I don’t consider this a sacrilegious event at all. Why ruin this bit of fun for the kids? If I know kids, they would most likely want to go out Saturday and Sunday.

Frost on the pumpkin

The frost is definitely on the pumpkin. Our thermometer read 29 degrees Tuesday morning and there was frost on my car window. Frost? Already?

Just when our green bell pepper plants decided to bloom and produce a few peppers. This summer we harvested a total of two small peppers. So we figured we would transplant them into pots and bring them inside during the night hours and then bring them back out during the day. We might be lucky enough to get a few more. Our tomatoes are still producing, so I hope that the frost didn’t kill off the blossoms. We will watch them pretty closely.

It looks as if the winter season has started, so we need to be thinking about fire safety with our wood stoves and fireplace chimneys. They will both burn more efficiently if the pipes are clean.

Make sure that your chimney pipes are ready for the winter. There are a few chimney sweeps around who can get the job done fairly easily and will save you from climbing up on the roof. I know at our age, that would be very foolish.

Next Tuesday is voting day. Please make an effort to go out and vote. Many of you in the Zane Grey District vote early instead of going to the polls. That’s great, but then we don’t get to visit with our neighbors. By now you should know that the polling place for Zane Grey is in Christopher Creek at the Bible Fellowship Church on top of the hill next to the Christopher Creek Fire Station. The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. That’s plenty of time for you to fit the voting into your schedule.

Domino Divas

This is just a little reminder that the gals who play dominoes are still playing and will be all through the winter.

The only time that the games are canceled would be for weather reasons. So, gals, if you want an afternoon of fun and games, and snacks, come to the Tonto Village Fire Station any Wednesday at 1 p.m. Don’t worry if you don’t know the games, everyone is very helpful in teaching newcomers how to play.


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