Vote Carefully For School Board



As the day of decision approaches, I would like to encourage the many parents and constituents of Payson to consider the lack of integrity and transparency demonstrated by the PUSD Governing Board and specifically incumbent Rory Huff (board president).

Consider the following: Shortly after taking many personal hours to campaign for the override election, Mr. Fruth and I were summarily let go. Though we had committed 29 and 25 years respectively, we were given no explanation.

Though I received a stellar evaluation by Mr. O’Brien, board members Huff and Underwood still communicate to the public, “Well we don’t know the whole story” as though something illegal or unscrupulous led to our dismissal. The slaughter continues with 11 more positions slated to go and the closure of FES. Is this the leadership we desire for our kids?

As a voter, you have a chance to speak. I hope you will speak loudly next Tuesday.

Roy Sandova


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