Creek Reminds Water Company Owners Of New England


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

With only this weekend left to go (the Labor Day holiday), the summer season officially starts to wind down.

That means the peace and quiet we’ve all come to enjoy will get even more peaceful and even more quiet. Every day I was up here this summer was enjoyable! At night, the only thing I could hear was the quiet calm of the flowing creek and occasionally the wind blowing through the trees. In the morning I would wake up to either birds chirping or squirrels running around on the roof. What could be better than that?

I had an opportunity to do another “Better know your neighbor” interview. This week I had an opportunity to speak with Jeff and Dee Daniels. Well, really I just spoke with Dee because at the time I called, Jeff was out volunteering down at the school as a PE teacher.

Jeff and Dee are both originally from New England. From there they first moved to Florida, then Phoenix and then ended up here in Christopher Creek. Dee said “we found a nice little cabin up here after the kids left.”

They have been in the community now for about 10 years. If they weren’t living here, Dee says they would be living back in New England, where they still have a lot of family.

As many of you already know, they own the local water company (or should I say companies).

They took over the Christopher Creek and Colcord water companies about five years ago and recently acquired Tonto Village back in April of this year.

Dee’s favorite hobby is gardening and while Jeff has many hobbies, certainly playing poker has to be high on the list.

Dee’s favorite thing about Christopher Creek is that it reminds her of New England and she has terrific memories up here from community meetings, social gatherings and eating and meeting where you know everybody.

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