Lots Of Tests, No Followup



What is happening to our medical doctors here in the Rim area? Are they that busy they cannot follow up on the test they order?

I have been to my doctor to find out why my arms are bleeding, for almost a year now. More tests and no follow up. My lab tests have cost more than $2,000, and still no answer.

Second, I asked the doctor’s office to send a script over to Lincare to lower the pressure of air on my breathing machine so I can sleep at night at the sleep center the doctor’s office sent me to, because I snored, and said I needed to use, still no reply (It’s only been three days).

If I ran my business this way, people would have ran me out of Payson a long time ago. Doctors need to follow up on patients and treat us as you would your own mom.

Mark Malone


Pat Randall 6 years, 4 months ago

Mark, How long have you lived here? If not long you haven't seen anything yet. Did you see a doctor or thier assistant called a PA?


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