Arizona Air Quality



As I opened the Sunday issue of The Arizona Republic, and observed the headline news, “EPA set to punish county (Maricopa) over air quality,” stupid is as stupid does.

This organization is nothing more than a controlled mouthpiece to bypass laws and regulations for comrade Obama and his Chicago-style administration. If he can’t pass his cap and trade swindle through Congress, the EPA will do it under the power which the Supreme Court granted to the EPA, the power to regulate harmful emissions, another Chicago-style of corrupt politics.

“An air quality monitor in southwest Phoenix recorded the high particle-pollution readings (that this wacko), EPA agency says violated the Clean Air Act Standards.” Out of 12 tests, 11 were conducted during dust storms.

“The EPA is demanding that the county reach the air standard quickly as possible or the state could lose $1.7 billion in federal highway construction again,” again Chicago-style blackmail.

Numerous cities and areas like Bakersfield, Fresno, L.A. and others have been subjected to some of the nation’s worst air pollution and smog contamination any place in the USA, yet the EPA has done little or nothing to relieve the situation. I know firsthand as I have lived in Bakersfield and L.A. some 25 years. I moved out as soon as I retired in 1990 to Pine, Arizona and it’s even worse now than it was when I lived there. Yet nothing or little has been done to eliminate the situation after 25 years.

The Phoenix dust storms are nature caused. Maybe the anointed one should contact his mother for an answer to these deaths dealing dust and sand storms and stop bugging us here in Arizona to shape up or we’ll pay dearly like some $1.7 billion and more.

This entire global warming, now called climate change is just another big swindle and hoax along with the EPA and the gout.

Ed Welge


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