Hospice Saved The Day


My 81-year-old mother has been taking care of my 100-year-old grandmother for the last year. My grandmother is confined to a wheelchair and has lost all ability to perform her activities of daily living.

After living in an assisted living home the last eight years, my mom felt the need both emotionally and economically to take care of her mother in the last years of her life.

My sister and I were both strongly opposed to my mom’s decision, they are both so frail, mom weighs about 80 pounds and my grandmother, maybe 65 pounds. When you put them side by side they almost make one person. My mom assured us that there was no other choice, grandma was running out of money, most of her financial resources had been in stocks, but mom also felt compelled by that “old-fashioned” attitude, you take care of your family.

Due to the economic downturn, this may be a situation in which many of us find ourselves. Perhaps our lesson is in getting back to our roots and taking responsibility for the care of our aging parents.

What saved the day for my mother is that she finally called hospice. The support my mom has received has been a lifesaver. Hospice has provided her with both emotional support and financial relief through the many services they provide.

They have provided my mom with ancillary supplies, a hospital bed, and staff to bathe grandma and more. Prior to hospice, there were concerns regarding what my mom would do if grandma passed away while in her care, who would she have to call and what would take place? Hospice takes care of that and in the process took away the stress of my mom’s biggest fear.

A lot of people do not understand hospice and the services they provide. They don’t understand who pays for what and where the money comes from to cover the cost. There may be a misconception as to who hospice accepts or at what point should you call hospice.

You can have those questions answered by attending our Hospice 101 Lecture at our Lunch and Learn on Sept. 22. Kathy Hughes from our local hospice will be here to give you some important facts regarding hospice and answer your questions. The Lunch and Learn is from 11 a.m. to noon, and the event is free. Call (928) 472-9290 to reserve your seat.

Sept. 8 with Rebecca Nissala, features a presentation from the Payson Parks and Recreation Department regarding upcoming events.

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