Pswid Does Not Need Speculative Well Drilling



We congratulate Sam Schwalm for being a “self-proclaimed watch dog.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Schwalm is the kind of “watch dog” that runs up and down the fence barking at everything that passes by because he likes the sound of his own bark. While he has been presented with cold, hard facts, he refuses to acknowledge these facts. Schwalm and Co. have no solution, no goals, and simply extract snippets of documentation to create controversy where there is none.

A few key issues for his fan club to consider:

Schwalm & Co. were more than willing to give Brooke Utilities $1.5 million of taxpayer/rate-payer money for a speculative K2 well. If this well proved to produce — it would still belong to Brooke Utilities and not be a community investment.

Schwalm & Co. are hell-bent on spending more district money for an appraisal of a proven well — and to this I ask, “Why?”

There is water here in Pine in two deep wells, eliminating the need for speculative drilling, which would cost more than the purchase of the current wells. Evidently a bird in the bush is worth more to Schwalm & Co. than a bird in the hand.

Schwalm & Co. fail to understand (or will not comprehend) that the money spent on the Milk Ranch Well is mostly for development — not for repairs.

Schwalm & Co. want you to believe that the manager of PSWID and its chairman resigned due to conflicting direction of the PSWID.

This is partially true — their directions were to drill high-tech, speculative wells and ignore the proven wells currently in place. The manager was over budget with billing; the chairman was intent on utilizing a high-tech, state-of-the art drilling method at the rate-payers’ expense; which also translates to speculative drilling.

Both of these focuses were in direct conflict to the message sent to the community when PSWID took over the water company. When PSWID acquired the water company, the primary focus was to connect the MRW and existing deep wells to the community water system. Nothing was said about more speculative drilling.

Schwalm & Co. need to start listening (and comprehending) information and stop contaminating the facts with a poisonous pen.

Cindy Maack and Jane Wilcox


Bernice Winandy 6 years, 4 months ago

I consider the K-2 Well a dead issue. However, since Ms. Maack and Ms. Wilcox brought it up, I think they should be accurate in their information about the well. Unfortunately, they are not. Arizona Corporation Commission records will show that $1.3 million was involved in the well, not $1.5 as recorded in their letter. Furthermore, Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District monies involved amounted to $300,000. The $1 million was to be put up by Brookes Utiilities. One more point, Brookes Utilities was going to pay back the $300,000 with interest, leaving Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District with another $300,000 to invest in searching for water. All of this would have been accomplished without any increase in property taxes.


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