What Happen To The Grand Old Party?



After our home was broken into by illegal aliens, we were inclined to agree with Governor Brewer’s signing of the law against the border drug traffickers. But what are we to think about the financial connections with the privately operated prison. Why can’t the Republicans perform a good job without somebody profiting from something underhanded in the works?

Why did Governor Brewer need to exaggerate the desert death toll with beheadings? Isn’t dying of thirst plenty to concern those who support border control.

Do we have to be convinced by the Fear Factor, if so we’re afraid we’ll be voting for Terry Goddard.

We used to be Republicans, when that was the Grand Old Party. Now GOP acts like a drunken sailor on a binge to beg, borrow and steal. For shame.

Thomas and Caroline Williamson


Dan Varnes 6 years, 4 months ago

What a dis-jointed letter!

QUOTE: "...like a drunken sailor on a binge to beg, borrow and steal."


It's doubtful that you were ever politically "conservative," Mr. and Mrs. W.

Enjoy your "new start" in the Democrat party. They need you, and many more like you, to dogmatically tear down any politician with an "R" after their name, while perpetually proclaiming the inherent "integrity and honesty" of any politician with a "D'" after his name.

Don't offer any solutions or strategy, only bickering and personal attacks. Exactly why America is in the sad shape that it's in.


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