Bad Manners At Parade



On the morning of Aug. 21, while awaiting instructions to be staged for the annual Rodeo parade, one of the four vehicles involved in the Payson Tea Party segment was scrutinized by a Chamber of Commerce representative.

Mr. John Stanton ordered participants to remove two of their signs from their float. These signs were facing inward away from the gallery and were at least partially blocked from view by objects and persons on that float.

Those signs were not offensive, distasteful or illegal and due to the diligence of the authors, did not support any individual candidates or non-constitutional issues.

Mr. Stanton stated his reason for requesting removal was that he did not like them. “Remove them or leave the parade, I don’t like them!”

Since when and by what authority did he become the censor for the town of Payson or the Regional Chamber of Commerce and an opponent of freedom of speech?

He overstepped his bounds and did so with less than cordial manners. His antagonistic and arbitrary behavior was not befitting any individual in a position of public profile.

Gordon Black, Gerald Boughton

and Robert McQueen


Dan Varnes 6 years, 4 months ago

A Chamber of Commerce employee denying someone their First Amendment freedom of speech? Is this a joke?

Will a Roundup writer please do a story on this incident?

This type of behavior must not be allowed.

Maybe there is another side to the story?

Investigate, please.


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