Get Involved



The Republicans have given us no choice. We must vote to save the country.

I don’t hate the rich. But I do pray that the rich will cut back on their thieving greed just a little to allow the working families to recover from this awful unemployment depression. I like my humble home and my third-hand vehicle, with its dented fenders, as long as it keeps running.

My grandparents depend on Social Security and Medicare. They say life is short and the years fly by faster than we think. My low-wage job has no benefits. I’m really tired tonight, this letter is handwritten and my friend has agreed to type it for me. I am studying the list of Democrat candidates. I have met Terry Goddard, Ann Kirkpatrick and Elaine Bohlmeyer. I’ll have to take my chances with the rest of them. Come on you guys! Get involved! Vote for our side for a change!

Jason Logan


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