Get Out And Vote



When is enough enough?

I once heard a cashier at Circle K speak out about the late night cases of beer being sold. The same can be said about the tax cuts, huge bonuses and, other scarcely earned benefits and entitlements for the wealthy. When is enough enough?

A person can only drive one car at a time, live in one house at a time, on and on the excessive desire for wealth and power grows. Especially when such insatiable greed is gained at the expense of unemployed and underpaid workers of America that are being forced out of proper food, proper health care, their shabby homes, and their unreliable clunkers.

How bold and sickening are the ugly bumper stickers and signs that betray the struggling workers of the nation: Spay and Neuter Liberals! Annoy a Liberal, Vote Republican! You Lie! You Lie! Get that Kenyan Out of the White House! Show Me the Birth Certificate! NOBAMA! Don’t Retreat Reload!

If the registered Democrats don’t get out the VOTE, then we are supporting the downfall of the workers. Remember Terry Goddard for Governor and Elaine Bohlmeyer for State Senate.

Mary Jo Hickey


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