Maybe We Should Trade Some Fire Trucks For An Ambulance Or Two



Recently two articles have appeared in the Roundup concerning the fire department.

The fire chief stated that July was the busiest month for the firemen with close to 300 calls; 3 percent, not 30 percent, were in response to fires. That means 10, count ’em needed a fire truck and crew; two and half calls per week.

The remaining 290 were medical emergencies. The department dispatches fire trucks to assist the crew from a private ambulance company manned apparently by non-EMT certified drivers.

The town is in the process of building yet another new fire station, ostensibly because it’s needed; and wanted by the “public” according to the mayor. But it may be that this station is being built to placate Chaparral Pines folks, or simply just to mess with Star Valley and the Hellsgate fire guys.

Whatever the true motivation is, has no one at least considered trading in a couple of fire trucks, or foregoing purchasing new ones, to purchase an ambulance or two and installing our already trained EMTs in these units?

Or trading in the $150,000 fire training thingy that has been sitting in the town yard north of Green Valley Park, unused for the last six months or more?

Ted Paulk


Barbara Rasmussen 6 years, 4 months ago

Maybe Mr. Paulk should check his facts and get things straight before submitting a letter to the editor. The "fire training thingy" that he says hasn't been used in 6 months was last used for training on August 25th. Also the local ambulance company has both EMTs and Paramedics on them. And as far as the new fire station being built to "mess with Star Valley and Hellsgate guys" he is absolutely out in left field with this comment!


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