Now That’S A Big Fish



Photo courtesy of Mark Keeney

Charlie Francis (left), Dylan Keeney (holding fish) and Ely Keeney (right) grin for the camera with the massive carp the three worked together to catch in Apache Lake this summer.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and here is the proof of a recent fishing adventure about the big one that didn’t get away! Dylan and Ely Keeney had the chance to go fishing with their longtime friend, Charlie Francis, on Apache Lake where they hooked a behemoth carp on a lightweight trout rod. Their fathers, Mark Keeney and Kendrick Francis, decided to take the boys fishing on a Saturday morning for a much-deserved outing after five weeks of school and the rigors of the “3 Rs.”

The boys were hoping to catch a few bass or walleyes with bait that can’t miss in the summer, live crawdads. Dylan was in charge of finding the bait because he had mastered the trick of turning over shoreline rocks and catching the small crayfish before they could escape to deep water. He put one on a size 6 hook with a one-ounce slip sinker and made one of the longest casts he had ever attempted.

After a 30-minute wait, the boys were doing other things until Dylan noticed his rod tip bending toward the water and getting ready to go airborne. He grabbed his fishing pole and set the hook, the fight was on as this 30-pound torpedo headed for deep water. His father, Mark, assisted him in setting the drag so that the 6-pound test monofilament line would not break on one of the many runs this giant carp would make in the next half hour of action.

All three boys spent time fighting the fish as each one tired from trying to land this 30-pound carp.

Because it was on Dylan’s rod and he caught the crayfish bait, he gets the distinction of holding the fish for the cameraman, a proud father. Dylan said the reason he caught the fish is because he was wearing his dad’s lucky fishing hat. I’ll bet this fish story was told many times on Monday morning when these boys returned to school and no doubt, will be shared for years to come.

When school is not in session Dylan, Charlie and Ely can be found at Green Valley Lake sharpening their angling skills for the next big test.

Maybe it will be catching a 5-pound bass or a 3-pound rainbow from the local lake. These three boys can also be found on Roosevelt Lake and the East Verde River, of course with their dads in tow, enjoying a fishing trip and hopefully creating another fish story.

A fishing trip with your children is a great way to spend quality family time that will pay far bigger dividends than any fish caught.

This weekend, take a family member fishing and enjoy the Arizona outdoors — God’s creation.


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