Concerned About High School



I have three students that attend Payson High School. I am very concerned about what is going on. My daughter is a senior this year and she has said the rules have changed and she feels the new rules have ruined her senior year of high school.

She is asking if she has to continue on at this school. Change is always difficult for everyone, however, I was in the office and seen behavior that as a parent I found disheartening.

I had asked a student aide to show me where the library was. The vice principal yelled down the hall for the young lady to stop and come back and she was speaking very rude to her and she could not continue to show me my way. My concern is the tone they are using with the new rules or policies.

In regards to the article dated Sept. 10 regarding the termination of the athletic director secretary. I do have to wonder what is going on?

To keep kids encouraged in school is hard enough, but to make it so uncomfortable that they do not want to attend is very scary. This is not only my children, but several of the kids we know have discussed this same issue. The words I hate school never came from my daughter until this year. I hope the school board takes notice at what is going on because students need encouragement and positive feedback not just coming across like a bully.

I don’t disagree with dress codes, attendance and tardy rules, but they are still teenagers in school and it is not necessary to treat them with the rude tone that I have witnessed myself. You can be tough, but also encouraging.

This may take us parents to get more involved in the school such as attend the school board meetings.

Suzy Tubbs


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