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I must agree with Mr. Kane, “Why now?” Not just the Tea Party, but all Americans, where were we for the past 90 years as progressives in the Oval Office, Congress, and the Supreme Court were slowly but surely taking away our Constitutional rights. We all should have rallied against many of the issues mentioned by Mr. Kane. But we were complacent and “stuck our heads in the sand” believing that this too shall pass.

The Tea Party movement began, not against “the first black president,” but against a number of issues which finally woke up Americans. Mr. Obama is not a black president. In fact, he is half white and reportedly in his book stated that he “hated his white blood.” The history of slavery in America is a disgrace and there have been numerous apologies and reconciliation to those affected. This is not a race issue, yet some continue to “play the race card.”

The activities of the current administration were as the saying goes was, “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” I recall that after attacking Pearl Harbor, the Japanese admiral stated that they had “awakened a sleeping giant.” That is what the current administration has done, awakened a sleeping giant, patriotic Americans rallying under the Tea Party.

The Payson Tea Party is open to all political parties and has the motto, “Think nationally and act locally.” All Americans should be more involved in local and national issues. I was pleased to learn that during the primary election, the Arizona turnout was 30 percent of registered voters. This was the largest turnout in more than 20 years and far exceeded the projected 20 to 22 percent. I believe the activities of the Tea Party in Arizona in increasing awareness were partially responsible for this record turnout.

Why now? The answer is, “Why not now? Finally!”

Gary Hampsch


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