Appalled At Exhibit Space



I was appalled to visit the photo exhibit at the Northern Gila County Fair this weekend in Payson. The display was packed into a tent that was full of flies, had no proper ventilation, and had so little light that you could not see the photos properly.

I even heard that the judge of the photo contest had to use a flashlight to view and judge the contest.

This is not the way for a photographer to have his work either judged or displayed. I certainly hope the fair committee tries to change the location back to the reservation where there was adequate space, light and ventilation.

On Sunday with the demolition derby under way, you couldn’t even see some of the photos because they were covered in dust.

Being covered with flies in a temporary tent and not being able to fully appreciate a photo exhibition is wrong. Thank goodness it didn’t rain as the tent was covered with holes in its top as well. With all the dust, that would have made for a muddy display.

Jeffrey L. Robbins


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