Backing Elaine Bohlmeyer



In an election year, we hear pretty much the same thing wherever we go.

We want to get rid of the cycle of pettiness and irresponsibility we perceive in too many “office holders.”

We say we want to replace them with good, hard-working individuals who actually care about their constituents. Oh, that’s what we say, but far too often we go ahead and vote for campaign promises.

This year, at least in District 5, we have a solid opportunity to actually place someone in office who combines wisdom, integrity and understanding far beyond empty promises and campaign slogans. This is a rare opportunity, indeed, to ensure that the pure, fresh air of concerned representation gets to refresh the stale hallways and back rooms of old “business as usual“ professional politicians.

If we truly mean what we say about improving things, we need to give Elaine Bohlmeyer our backing and trust. She deserves it, and she will make us proud to point to District 5 in the Arizona Senate as the best represented district in the state.

Jim Speiser


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