Unbelievable Stink



During my efforts to get out the vote for Elaine Bohlmeyer Arizona State Senate; I am trying to talk to whoever I meet during my busy days. I don’t bother anyone who I know is already committed to the Republican Party. I have introduced myself to the most pleasant looking people only to stir up an unbelievable stink at the very word “Democrat.” In my struggles to keep the peace, I try to speak kindly about former President Bush. But any apology is an apology too late. I have already aroused what seemed like a Christian person to violence. That’s scary, don’t you think?

That’s why a polite response from my approach caught me by surprise. The lady said, “I’m a Republican. But I couldn’t help you anyway. I’m a felon.” In the felon there was no violence, none whatsoever.

Sarah Phipps


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