Independent Voters Need To Save Us



Both Democrats and Republicans will usually vote for the candidates from their respective parties regardless of their qualifications or lack of the same. A lackluster candidate can be elected simply because their party has a substantial voter registration lead.

Since those of us that are registered as Independent voters aren’t beholden to party doctrine, dogma, or propaganda, it behooves the increasing percentage of Independents in our state to save Arizona from the political swamp we seem to be wallowing in at this point in time. This isn’t about SB 1070, boycotts, recent gaffes by our appointed governor, or even about the economy.

Rather, the probability of the GOP retaining control of the state House and Senate is about 99 percent a sure thing. Therefore, if Jan Brewer is elected governor, we’ll once again have state government completely dominated by one political party. The game of Monopoly is a positive thing, but monopoly in state government is negative, doesn’t include checks and balances, and frequently disdains compromises. Do we really want our state controlled by the PAK (Pierce, Adams, Kavanaugh) cartel for at least the next couple of years?

Independent voters have the opportunity to tip the scales in November’s election toward the Democratic nominee, Terry Goddard. While it remains for history to judge whether Janet Napolitano was an excellent or poor governor, she did manage to blunt a lot of the craziness emanating from our dysfunctional Legislature. Terry Goddard would be a good counter balance against a Legislature that tilts way too far to the right for most Arizona moderates in both major political parties.

Nov. 2, is a time for Arizona’s Independent voters to save Arizona from a political implosion.

Richard K. Meszar


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