Payson Unified School District, Board Should Be Investigated



I do not know how you start an investigation with the State Department of Education, but it would seem that it is time someone did.

That high school belongs to the taxpayers and the children that attend. There are people that get in their minds they own the school.

I saw that attitude for many years. I remember one school board member whose child got a scholarship to NAU only to lose it because she could not do basic math. The school board member threatened to sue. In reality she knew her child couldn’t do the math but used her position to get her child the scholarship denying it to a more deserving child.

School board members always have amazed me, they convey the attitude they own you. Well I am here to tell you they don’t. They are elected to serve and can be recalled and it is time Payson looked into seeing about recalling your entire school board and putting it on the November ballot if possible. Too many good people fired with no reason.

Debbie Button


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