Planning Commission Wants To Give Home Businesses A Break


Payson this week bowed to the incoming economic tide — and took a key step toward making it easier to operate a home business in town.

Currently, people can operate home businesses providing they don’t bother the neighbors, have employees, use too much electricity, use trucks to deliver materials, put out signs, store stuff outside — or have more than two customers come calling in a day.

Those rules apply to any business operated from a single family home — whether it’s in a residential neighborhood, in a commercial area or fronting on the highway.

But on Monday the Payson Planning Commission unanimously approved a change in those rules for home businesses operated out of a house on an acre of land, in a commercial zone or that fronts the highway or a major street.

The new rules would require the home business owner to get a $40 business license and in some cases a conditional use permit, spelling out the restrictions on its operation.

A home business in the right area could then have up to three employees, put up 500 square feet of storage, display goods and signs on the outside and generate up to 20 extra vehicle trips per day.

The business would still be barred from creating vibrations, heat, glare, dust, odors or smoke noticeable at the property line, consume too much electricity or generate more than 60 decibels of extra noise noticeable at the property line.

The home business in a multi-family zone or in a single family zone fronting a main street couldn’t have more than four cars parked out front at a time, use trucks bigger than one ton.

The rules loosen even more for a home business in a commercial zone, providing the business goes through the process of getting a conditional use permit. In that case, the business could have five employees, 1,500 feet of accessory storage space, generate 30 vehicle trips daily and offer parking for five extra vehicles.

The planning commission unanimously approved the looser rules for main street frontages, big lots in single family zones and homes in commercial, multi-family zones.

The recommendation will now go to the town council for action.


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