Students Earn Renaissance Recognition For Good Grades


More than 200 Payson High School students have already earned Renaissance recognition this school year by keeping good grades.

Although the program previously existed at PHS, this year marks its reinvigoration.

Renaissance is a nationally recognized program that encourages students to strive for new academic and behavioral heights.

Renaissance is built on the premise of empowering students, educators and communities to work together in encouraging and celebrating the achievements of students and staff.

Basically, the program aims to improve students’ grades, attendance, and behavior.

To qualify for a Renaissance card, you must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, no unverified absences, and no referrals.

And for this, students receive a card they can show for rewards.

First, when students pick up their cards, they receive Renaissance T-shirts.

Also, various teachers may give homework passes or extra points for character awards. The school will host Donut Days, where students can show the card and get a free doughnut.

High school staff is negotiating with local businesses to offer rewards like discounts on fast food or a free drink with an order when students show cards.

As students’ grade point averages increase, they can upgrade their cards. Students with GPAs 3.5 and up win gold cards. With a GPA from 3.0 to 3.49, students win silver cards, and bronze cards recognize students with GPAs from 2.5 to 2.99.

Students with higher-level cards can receive better rewards. Each nine weeks, staff updates grades, and re-awards cards.

Freshmen have not yet received cards because the school year is too young to use this year’s grades.

The following students have earned Renaissance recognition based on grades from last year:

Won a Gold Card: Ashley Ammann, Tyler Apps, Adriana Barnes, Lukas Benecke, Kenneth Brookhart, Christian Buskirk, John Buskirk, Jaymi Carlen, Morgan Chilson, Daniel Conley, Kristian Cordell, Micaela Croy, Macy Dailey, Hannah Dalgai, Bryce Davis, Tiana DeWitte, Rachel DiFelice, Ian Dillon, Nisha Edwin, Scott Farnum, Chelsea Frewin, Jordyn Fruth, Cameron Geske, Cypress Gorry, Samuel Grassel, Jaimie Green, Rylee Halenar, Clinton Harper, Caleb Harrison, Nicole Hawley, Bianca Hernandez, Russell Hintze, Tanner Hintze, Ashley Hoffman, Kateland Houdek, Spencer Howard, Mikalai Hubarevich, Ashley Jacquez, Andrew Kitts, Corey LeVac, David Linkey, Angela Lowery, Ivan Mares, Kevin Martin, Rachel McCown, Tyler McMinimy, Angela Mitchell, Natalie Moceri, Iris Molina, Dania Morales, Justin Moratti, Shayna Neal, Lauren Nossek, Kenneth Nyhus, Jacquelyn Oesterblad, Kelsie Owen, Tiffany Papp, Autumn Parrish, Neha Patel, Emily Price, Jillian Ramos, Emma Randall, Mira Richey, Marily-Rose Ridings, Jamie Riggs, Elizabeth Romberger, Erich Romberger, Evelina Salminen, Jonathan Savage, Katharine Schouten, Cody Schuler, Michael Scott, Paula Scott, Austin Shannon, Jake Shaw, Stacy Sinon, Laura Slatalla, Jake Sleeper, Anthony Smith, Ashley Spear, Jessica Stone, Shelby Stuart, Bailey Sylveste,r Janine Tantimonaco, Annette Utz, Noe Vega, Eric Vohs, Dillon Walker, Kelsey Waugh, Jed Ward, Marcy Ward, Kaitlyn Wessel, Alex Williams, Shoshanah Wright, Chelsea York.

Won a Silver Card: Laura Aaltonen, Nidhi Ahir, Madison Ahlman, Michael Anderson, Taylor Armistead, Gunner Bauer, Alicia Bayless, Lena Bishop, Sean Bleyl, Cody Bossert, Kelsey Bossert, Kyle Brown, Amber Bucanek, Drew Bunker, Sarah Cluff, Justin Cobb, Jonathan Couch, Ashlea Cox, Rachel Creighton, Nikolas Curi, Katelyn Curtis,

Molly Davis, Sarah Davis, Trayton Dendy, Nicole DeVaney, Kimberley Donaldson, Tyler Dunman, Keaton Duran, Brandi Dyer, Courtney Dyer, Trinity England, Alexandra Ericksen, Sabrina Essaff, John Evans, Savannah Flores, Jacob Gonzales, Kassandra Gosnell, Julia Hale, Elizabeth Harpe, Natalie Harper, Amanda Hartnell, Melissa Hill, Tanner Hodges, Trenton Hodges, Jessica James, Cassie Johnson, Kali Johnson, Kaitlyn Jones, Cody Jordan, Amy Korth, Allysin Leonard, Sabrina Leufkens, Guillermo Lopez, Kassidy McAfee, Sierra McMartin, Brianna McNamara, Frances Minturn, Adrianna Moore, Chancee Morris, Brady O’Donald, Christopher Oldeschulte, Brooke Osborn, Terance Parker, Rylie Perkes, Megan Ploughe, Rebecca Radimaker, Kyle Randall, Dylan Richardson, Anna Roberts, Johnathon Rockwell, Cameron Romance, Kia Soderberg , Levi Sopeland, Bethany Sprinkle, Jade Tangeman, Adam Taylor, Kylen Taylor, Dailyann Thomason, Nidia Vega, Timothy Wallace, Hayley Watson, Deedra Wayland, Jamie Wells, Megan Wessel, Reid Wiles, Zane Wiles, Keith Williams, Jenna Wolf,

Won a Bronze Card: Jonathan Agent, Ashley Anglemire, Hunter Barr, Lauren Best, Christopher Bickert, Zachery Blazer, Les Buce, Alexis Casillas, Jacob Cluff, Robert Cox, Seth Crisp, Heather Dashney, Cade DeSpain, Will Dougherty, Johnathan Feistner, Madison Flake, Josh Flum, Ashley Flynn, Manuel Garcia , Cortney Gibson, Reno Goodwin, Destiney Henning, Chrissy Heron, Jamie Hill Aaron James, Austyn Johnson, Marya Johnson, Summer Kelley, Bryan Kral, Samuel Lamont, James Lloyd, Lindsey Love, Danielle Macfarlane, Marina Madra, Cherie Mallon, Xhelianna Marquis, Shellee Marricle, Miles McWilliams, Kierstin Mock, Anthony Moncrief, Randee Nelson, Cale Novack, Sedona O’Connor, Ashley Parker, Sidney Pearce, Taylor Petersen, Haley Pfeifer, Chance Randall, Ryan Rislund, Cierra Rose, Sierra Royer, Cristian Ruelas, Mason Standifird, Alyssa Still, Shelby Tanner, Candice TaylorJames Thornhill, Tiffany Truong, Jamie Wadington, Kevin Waterman.


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