Discover The Hidden Gems Of Windows 7


Many of you have been using Windows 7 for quite some time now. Others may be thinking about an upgrade or a new computer purchase. Either way, there may be some hidden features that you are missing out on. We’ve compiled five of the most useful tricks you may not know about ... enjoy.

Docking your windows

Sometimes you have a couple of windows open that you’d like to reference simultaneously. One of the most under-utilized features of Windows 7 makes this super easy to do. Simply press the Windows key and the right or left arrow to “dock” your current window to one side of the screen. You can dock another window on the other side, and they’ll automatically line up nice and straight.

This is a great tool to use when surfing the Internet while working on a Word document, for example — you can view information without having to leave your document screen. It is also a great tool to use when comparing Web sites, documents, or photos.

Background slideshow

If you get bored of the same-old picture on your desktop, consider making it into a slideshow. Just right-click on the desktop, select “personalize” from the menu, then go to “desktop background.” From there, you can use the CTRL key to select multiple images to display. You’ll be able to customize the speed and frequency of picture changes, too.

Use the calculator

The calculator on Windows 7 is a super-charged version of the classic desktop accessory. Among other things, you’ll be able to quickly convert from metric to standard, calculate fuel economy, determine lease rates, and of course, add up your bills. You can find the slick new features under the options menu of the calculator. You’ll also find that the new calculator is sleek, fast, and easy on the eyes. You’ll soon be volunteering to help with your kid’s math homework.

Font installation

Installing fonts used to be a cumbersome process with lots of files to open and redirects to manage. Now, you can install a font with a simple double-click. First, download the font from the desired source. Next, simply double click on the font file and you will be given the option to “install.” Click the install button and you’re done — no searching for the font folder among the thousands of files in Windows.

Shrink your taskbar icons

Many of us have several programs that we like to keep on the taskbar. But when this area gets cluttered, productivity goes down. To give yourself more room, simply shrink the icons. This will allow you to fit many more programs into the handy taskbar. To change the size of the icons, right click on the Start button. Select “properties,” then “taskbar,” then “use small icons.” Done and done.

If you need help upgrading your current computer or getting set up with a new system, give Computer Problem Specialists a call at (928) 468-0000. We’ll walk you through setup of Windows 7 or any other program you need. It’s time to discover what’s out there!

Daniel Taft is the senior network administrator and member/owner of Computer Problem Specialists, LLC with a degree in applied computer science. His career spans more than 20 years.


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