Parents Need To Mad About School Board Actions



If reading the Roundup didn’t anger you parents about who is governing you kids, read it again. I think “we the people” should start exercising our rights and show the superintendent and the school board who really has the power.

O’Brien is a joke. How can he think he is running anything? Personally I thought he as a leader should have taken a pay cut just to show he was in it to help the people who work for him. Now with the exposure of Mr. Meyer, O’Brien should resign.

I don’t believe in suing people but after this, if I I were Sandoval, Fruth and Shields, I would sue all of the members who voted against me. And as a community we should support them financially to do it! As for male egos go — Stephanie was an asset and you would have found that out after you were on the job longer than one month.

Kevin Kelley


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