Recollecting Past Flatlander Parties


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

Here are some of Sonni’s recollections of the Flatlander Party held last week at the site of the old Creekside trailer park.

Some 32 years ago, I was invited to a bonfire, hot dog cookout. It was the Tuesday after Labor Day. The 10 or 15 people there were exhausted from the busy weekend and gathered up to relax and tell stories about the past summer season. It was held in the far meadow on the south side of Sharp Creek. Blanche White strummed her guitar and sang cowboy songs. Heber White yodeled “Lovesick Blues.”

When that party broke up, we were driving back to the highway. The road was washed out badly, and I veered off to the right. Everybody else went straight. Heber got on the CB and said, “Hey Spook, you’re going the wrong way, you’re headed for the old dump.”

So I backed down carefully and got home in one piece. Because of the bad road, the next year the party was moved to the flatter open Sharp Creek Area. Over the years, the location moved into Christopher Creek. The hard part of getting set up, is trucking in a lot of old firewood for the campfire, then staying afterward and safely extinguishing it.

For many years now, this task has been the chore for Robert McWorthy. An energetic young man, Robert has cheerfully done the heavy lifting for the party. One Christmas a while back, Ruthie and P.J. drew Robert’s name for the gift exchange for the Creekside holiday party. Opening his present, he found a battery-operated Energizer Bunny.

Having been the prep cook at the restaurant, cleaning up at closing time, and doing the spectacular decorating inside and out for Creekside year after year, here’s a big “thank you, Bunny.” From the Sept. 14, 1984 column by Sonni: “Woody roasted a case of corn and everyone cooked their own hot dogs.” It’s good to know traditions are still honored here in the Creek.

The next event will be Monday, Sept. 27 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. for the “Fall Fling — second annual Concert Under the Stars” with Lynda St. John. The location is Paula’s at Wheeler Inn. It is a BYOBeverage event and also bring your favorite dish. Admission is $10 per person for music donation. Please no pets and we’ll see you there.

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Thanks again for reading the column


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