Vote For Common Sense



Election 2010 — Arizonans are justifiably angry that the American Dream of my generation has become a kick in the pants. It’s time to ask:

• Why are workers’ wages low despite increased productivity? Wall Street profited, but families went into debt and foreclosure, with no money to cover family medical or other expenses.

• Why do Arizona schools benefit children in wealthy districts, and penalize those with low tax bases?

• Why do tax breaks go to businesses that ship away jobs or cause Arizona small businesses to shutter doors because of unfair tax competition?

• Why pay interest to lease back buildings the state once owned?

A long campaign to treat free-trade profiting as a perfect system and all government as evil could be responsible. As we’ve painfully seen, profits alone don’t create jobs. Tax breaks for businesses haven’t created jobs.

Government in a democracy is “We the People.” Free trade is run by largely the same people, but we can’t vote CEOs out of office.

Think. Choose government representatives willing to find middle ground that benefits all. Patronize businesses who respect workers and environment, as well as their investors. Wake up and vote with common sense not learned prejudice.

Judy Whitehouse


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