Ads Have Hidden Agendas



It is really disturbing to see all of these attack advertisements on Ann Kirkpatrick funded by anonymous organizations. Ann has worked extremely hard for the people of this district in the short time she has been in Congress.

She brought together the Forest Service, logging industry and environmentalists to forge an agreement to keep our forests healthy, prevent catastrophic wildfires, and provide jobs for rural residents. She worked with our local governments and helped cut through the red tape in Washington to make it possible for the Rim Country to obtain needed drinking water from the Blue Ridge Reservoir.

She helped forge agreements between mining companies, Native Americans and other interest groups to jump-start mining and increase employment in the Globe/ Miami/Superior area. She has bucked the Washington culture of supporting their own pay raises while ignoring the needs of unemployed persons in her district. Ann has been good for the people of her district and should be re-elected to Congress. Consider the attack ads for what they are, special interests looking after their own hidden agendas.

Sydney Whitely


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