Does Your Vote Count?



Since working as a poll worker at the recent election, I have heard several people complain that they do not like any of the candidates selected, selected, and wonder whether it is worth the time to go vote in the General Election on Nov. 2.

This is their chance to make their feelings and desires heard. Personally, I think voting is not only a right, but a duty. This nation is supposed to be a nation of the people.

At the primary, I worked a precinct, not my own, where I have worked several elections, but because I consider this General Election one of the most important we have ever faced, I took the time to do a little digging and came up with some interesting figures.

In this precinct there are 872 registered voters, 375 of whom are listed as early voters, and received early ballots, no one knows whether they voted or not, but 17 of them came to the polling place to cast a provisional ballot, which would be counted if they did not mail in the early ballot. This left 497 duly registered and eligible voters of whom 72 actually came and cast ballots for candidates we will elect on Nov. 2. Where were the other 425?

Do they have any right to complain about who gets elected?

Seven of us kept the polling place open for 13 hours, this adds up to less than six voters per hour, now you know why I had time to do a little digging.

Jack Jumper


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