Story Behind Missing Scarf



To the person who stole my scarf from the Northern Gila County Fair:

Since you have my scarf, I think you should have the story that goes with it, so that when others admire it, you can explain its conception.

I was visiting relatives who live on the beach on Lake Michigan. Their house is gorgeous and they have painted some of the walls in the house the same color as “beautiful as the lake’s sunset.” They are right. The sunset is a lovely shade of yellowish-orange, vibrant and yet calming.

On our way home from this magnificent experience, we traveled through Taos. This was my first time in Taos and I was amazed by the wonderful skills and products of those who lived there.

I went into a yarn shop. The lady there spun and dyed her own yarns. And there, hanging from a display, was yarn a lovely shade of yellowish-orange, vibrant and yet calming.

What a wonderful way to remember my trip and the special people I visited there! I bought the yarn, searched for a pattern that resembled the Michigan sunset and the waves of the lake. The scarf turned out beautifully, vibrant and yet calming.

I took pictures of it for my portfolio. (Oh yes, pictures.) I entered it into the fair. You must of taken it that very day because the judges never saw it.

Please, share its story with those who admire it when you wear it.

Dawn Proudfoot


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