Allergy Season Is Here

For her 90th birthday, Elsie Wait was decked out in a brilliant blue chapeau featuring a queen’s crown, playing cards, and the price tag dangling from the rim.

For her 90th birthday, Elsie Wait was decked out in a brilliant blue chapeau featuring a queen’s crown, playing cards, and the price tag dangling from the rim.


The Nose Knows!

Allergy season is upon us. Sneezy eyes, stuffed nose, puffed face misery. You know just what I am talking about. The junipers are dusting the air with pollen. It was time for me to visit the Herb Stop in Pine for their Rim Country Tree Mix. While chatting with owner Natalie Hajou-Voakes, a gentleman came in saying he had been told to come get “the fix.” He wanted to get off of pharmaceuticals and try something more natural. He came to the right place. It works for me. Natalie took over the business from her mom, Leilah Breitler, in 2002. Her mom still helps out. Interestingly, Natalie’s dad and brother went into conventional medicine by becoming doctors. She and her mom became herbalists! Serious disease that conventional medicine called for surgery or that simply had no relief drove the ladies to homeopathic solutions. As Natalie’s doctor brother says, “You should try every avenue and exhaust all options.”

The Herb Stop also offers natural skin, hair and makeup products, teas, soaps, spices and seasonings, and just gobs more.

Visit Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. And go online at HerbStopOnline .com.

Minnie Pearl Haberdashery at its Finest.

Elsie Wait’s 90th birthday was still being celebrated on this past Tuesday. She was decked out in a brilliant blue chapeau featuring a queen’s crown, playing cards, and the price tag dangling from the rim. Elsie is one of the card sharps of the Tuesday Ladies’ Canasta Group in the Senior Dining Room. The previous Saturday, her son and daughter-in-law, Bill and Doris Wait, picked up the lunch tab at the Nifty Fifties for 57 celebrants. Way to go, kids! And Elsie? Go get ’em, girl!

While at the dining room I checked in with Terry Burkhart. She and her husband took their grandkids on a cruise to “Enchilada City,” aka Ensenada, over spring break. Her husband thought he had a new wife when I mistakenly called her Bonnie. I apologize to both. Terry, a marvelous cook, loved the veal with fettuccini aboard the cruise ship.

People Helping People

The Strawberry Elite meets next Thursday, April 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Rimside Grill. Rose Harper at MVP Realty invited me to come. The “elite” part was explained to me as tongue-in-cheek. Good thing. It’s hard to find anything elite in my little world!

The Strawberry Elite is a community-minded organization that fund-raises to help out folks needing a hand up.

They are not the only community-minded group here. The Riff Raff Club is having their “Naked” Rummage Sale on May 28 and 29. You may donate items beginning Saturday, April 9 and each thereafter by bringing them to Bishop Self Storage. I am awaiting a return e-mail from them to learn more. I wonder how tongue-in-cheek the “naked” part is!

SCAF and Summer Holidays

Dave Burkhart wrote to me about SCAF, the Senior Dining Room and the Thrift Store. Their general membership meeting will be at 5 p.m., April 29 at the dining room. It will start with a Mexican potluck dinner before the meeting. All SCAF members and community residents interested in becoming members are welcome.

Also, the summer holidays will soon be here. SCAF holds Navajo taco sales in the dining room at each of the holidays, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Good eats and they need some help at those sales. Anyone interested in volunteering can call 476-4633 or 476-2151, or see any board member.

The Pine “Mall”

I had a chat with Rhonda Bossert, manager of the Pine Thrift Shop. Their new summer hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The summer clothes are in, including shoes and accessories.

This is the Pine “Mall” for truly unique shopping and great deals. Your money goes even further because it supports the dining room which offers meals to those who come in and takes meals to those who can’t come. It does take volunteers to make all this happen. Volunteer yourself by calling 476-4633.

How fortunate we are to live in these small mountain towns that really take care of everyone here. Though folks from the Valley come to cool off, this is really a hot spot to live!

Well-deserved Recognition – and Food, too!

The Pine Strawberry School Principal’s List, the straight “A” kids, will have breakfast at the Randall House on Thursday, April 7. Mrs. Bullard’s fourth-graders, Bobbie Beaugureau, Maddy McPhillips, Madison McRae, Mercedes Miranda and Jerusha Paine, with Mrs. Donaldson’s fifth-grader, Savannah James, with Mrs. Flanagan’s sixth-graders, Sumer Aguon and Caleb Paine, with Mr. Jacobson’s seventh-graders, Abby Greenleaf, Jacqueline Jones and Brittany Staub, and with Ms. Gunzel’s eighth-grader, Adam Jergens, are all honored. Way to go teachers and kids!

Pine- Strawberry doin’s

AIMS Test at Pine Strawberry School on Monday, April 11.

Time to register your kids for high school. Check in with the school.

Governing board meeting at the school on Monday, April 11.

Early release day (11:30 a.m.) on Wednesday, April 6. No lunch at the school.

Track meets Thursday, April 7 at Camp Verde, and Saturday, April 8 at Chino Valley.

Softball camps Monday, April 4 vs. Oak Creek; Tuesday, April 5 vs. Cottonwood; and Wednesday, April 6 vs. Clarkdale.

Plus, the meetings noted above.


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