How Environmentalism Got Hijacked



In the 1960s, environmentalism rose its ugly head when a Mr. Maurice Strong used his in influence to harness this new ideology to his advantage. This was his life-long dream, and along with this opportunity to sell the United Nations to move forward towards becoming a New World Order, (government that is).

His purpose was to set up the U.N.’s first World Environmental Conference in 1972, followed by a launch of a U.N. Environmental Program which was not just to enhance environmental challenges, but also to further his socialist agendas of redistributing the wealth from rich nations of the West to the poor nations of the world.

Strong’s lobbying the U.N.’s IPCC to take its central place on the stage, followed by his world summit in Rio, leading in turn to the infamous Kyato Protocol, at the same time Soviet Communism had collapsed and threat of a Cold War had faded away along with the crumbling of Marxism, which left a vacuum in Western Europe which the new ideology of environmentalism was ideally placed to fill.

Unfortunately, some liberal people in our country saw this opportunity to take up the Marxist agenda under the cover of saving the environment, (save the world).

Obama, along with other liberal left-wingers, soon jumped on the enviro bandwagon, as this provided an excellent opportunity to inject their agendas into the American political systems, which he and others successfully accomplished. During Obama’s campaign speeches he stated that America needs “transforming and change.”

Very few people really did not fully understand what he means by transformation. A Hugo Chavez is one good example of such a transformation in Venezuela.

Ed Welge


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