Payson Not Ready For Four-Year College



This town is not ready for a four-year college at this time, but it seems that the mayor is putting all his eggs in that basket.

We have a dilapidated and somewhat dangerous road system for several thousand students to drive on as well our own residents. Our already overburdened police department will not be able to handle their antics. We also have no recreation for them and many other things.

But we do have a mayor and some others who seem to think this will be a panacea! This is like the old adage of putting the cart before the horse. It seems like it has always been that way.

Almost all the extreme efforts have been to spend money to attract economic development. A good and decent infrastructure would be a natural attraction for that, but the town has never seen it that way and this is why we are in such a lousy condition.

If our leaders would recognize this and stop putting their eggs in the same old basket, maybe Payson could become a magnet for what so much money has been spent for while failing to get any positive results.

Could lobbying be a big part of such a long-standing situation?

Jack Jasper


Debbie Button 5 years, 9 months ago

Payson residents have been hoping for a college for many many years and they can handle anything that comes their way.Mr Jasper are you from California ? Payson Roundup has always gotten letters from new residents that left California to get any from over crowding, crime, pollution what ever. They never stop to ask if the people that have lived here all their lives wouldn't like a few new oppertunities. Payson people have built many roads and will continue to do so.God Bless everyone involved in bringing a wonderful addition to our town.

Debbie Button


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