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Since the PSWID folks don’t want to answer questions about their processes, and have no willingness to hold public meetings when the folks paying the bills can attend.

I’d like to remind folks that four out of seven of the board members will be voted out in 2012.

It’s called accountability, and I ... along with many neighbors and voting constituents will be sharing the need for accountability many times in 2011 ... awaiting changes to come.

Stay aware Pine and Strawberry PSWID customers!

Michael Warren


Bernice Winandy 5 years, 9 months ago

What I would like to know is why PSWID spent close to $1 million purchasing and repairing the Milk Ranch Well when now they tell us they are going to drill a deep well for $165,000.

I would also like to know why the engineer from Tucson referred to PSWID as Pine Strawberry Domestic Water Improvement District. PSWID does not have "domestic" in its name. In fact, one of the issues with purchasing the Hardcastle water companies was whether PSWID was a "domestic."

I would also like to know if PSWID got easement rights with the Milk Ranch Well. The copy of the document presented as the one Lovetro signed does not mention easement rights. I would also like to know if these easement rights are guaranteed to be permanent and unchangeable. Remember easement rights became a large issue in the K-2 Well discussion.

There are many other things that I and other people would like to know.

I hope PSWID will soon start providing answers.


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