College In Payson Is A Good Idea



Jack Jasper doesn’t want a four-year college in Payson. I guess he’s having trouble getting around and needs to have the roads repaired.

He’s apparently experienced the antics of youth and doesn’t want them here where we old folks have found refuge. Heal our infrastructure he says and for now forget about promoting growth.

I feel differently for the following reasons:

1) Gila County has very little private land, so crowding will never be a problem.

2) Young people delight me even when they are happy and make a lot of noise.

3) I have no trouble driving around Payson due to intolerable roads.

4) I consider the new water pipeline a pretty significant contribution to infrastructure.

5) I wish Jasper could feel the pain of families here where Dad can’t find work.

6) A little increase in tax base might give our kids in school a break.

We might have a buck or two left over to spend on Jasper’s infrastructure.

7) Kenny Evans supporting the ASU campus here will help many more of us than it will hurt.

Phon D Sutton


Dan Varnes 5 years, 9 months ago

If "Phon D." would really like to see the multiple benefits that a university provides, he/she should take Highway 87, either north or south for about 80 miles and arrive in either Flagstaff or Tempe.

Preferably, he/she would also be towing a U-Haul trailer.


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