Sv Council Moves Manager To Full Time With Likely Pay Raise


On Tuesday, the Star Valley Town Council agreed to make its town manager/attorney a full-time position — the move likely carries with it a pay increase.

Currently, Tim Grier makes $96,000 a year to offer legal advice and manage the town of 2,310.

His contract calls for only 30 hours of work a week, although Grier said he spends anywhere up to 60 hours a week at town hall.

Councilor Paty Henderson said the town should bring Grier on full time by June 1, reviewing his contract and supplementing his income accordingly. The council did not determine a new salary for Grier.

“The council recognized the hours already put in and is looking at compensation for full time,” Grier said. “There is far beyond 40 hours of work to do for the town.”

Grier said he has more than enough to keep him busy with the town looking at taking over administration of the town’s grant program, which it currently contracts out to the League of Cities and Towns.

In June 2010, Grier closed his law practice and is no longer taking outside casework to focus on Star Valley full time.

Per resident, Grier makes $42 while Payson’s Town Manager Debra Galbraith earns just over $8 per resident with a salary of $125,000.

In other council news, Councilor Gary Coon has collected 700 phone numbers from residents interested in participating in an emergency alert system.

“We have gotten a great response from residents,” he said, “and it is close to becoming a reality.”

In an emergency, the town would record a brief message, which would be sent to participating Star Valley residents through an automated dialing system.

The town has not chosen a dialing service yet, but should select one soon.

“It should be up and running for the dreaded fire season,” Coon said.

Besides an alert system, Coon is working to determine alternative evacuation routes. Through-out the area, private lanes offer homeowners exits to the highway. Coon wants to get permission to use those roads if an emergency occurred and the main roads were blocked.

“It is kind of like an insurance plan — hopefully you never have to use it,” he said.


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