Do We Want A Trashy Town?



I just spent about a half hour cleaning up about a block of roadside here in Payson — not the first time.

I was on my bike and it so happened the universe had placed a big empty box in the middle of this trashy area. I decided it was my job to fill it, and it sure wasn’t a problem.

Here’s my philosophy — I keep my own roadside clean and if the roadside across the street is nasty, I clean it up too. Of course I often take trash bags and gloves along with me on walks as well, but that wouldn’t be necessary if we got our act together.

I have phone calls in right now to county and city officials to try and find the right person to meet with local service groups and church reps, who I’m hoping will step up.

The official could identify the open/public areas in town, like the northeast and southeast corners of Highway 260 and Manzanita. Then if each service group took responsibility for just one open area, and we all took care of our own street sides, the problem would be gone.

We’re working to bring a university to town. We need to present ourselves as a community in which parents would want their sons and daughters to live, and model behaviors we want to see in those college students. Trash-free street sides would help.

Lynnette Brouwer


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