Future Concerts Offer Outstanding Musical Treats


Just recently, both Parks and Rec and the Tonto Community Concert Association (TCCA) announced their upcoming concert series. As always, it looks like we’re in for quite an outstanding musical treat from both series.

Payson High School 2005 graduate and Nashville recording artist, Candyce, will open Parks and Rec’s eight-week Concerts Under the Stars series at Green Valley Park on June 4. Seven additional eclectic Saturdays of musical fun for all ages will follow. No tickets to buy, no reservations needed. Just show up at 7 p.m. in the park with your lawn chair or blanket and enjoy two hours of great music and chatting with friends.

After looking over the new 2011-2012 Tonto Community Concert Association brochure, I’m having a hard time deciding which concert I’ll be most excited about attending. Each and every one looks really appealing — and so different. (You can purchase individual concert or season tickets by calling 474-6115 or 478-4363.)

Kicking off the TCCA’s new season in September are the Shangri-La Acrobats, a high-energy, 12-15 member attraction known for its daring and balance, brilliant costumes and a touch of Chinese comedy.

Back by popular demand, Edgar Cruz promises to again captivate the audience with his guitar mastery. He has been a headliner at the prestigious Chet Atkins Guitar Festival in Nashville since 1995.

If you enjoy the country-folk sound of John Denver, you’ll surely enjoy November’s concert, “Take Me Home — John Denver,” Jim Curry’s tribute to the Coloradan’s greatest songs, “Sunshine On My Shoulders,” “Annie’s Song,” “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” and many others.

And if you’re a big country music fan, as I am, I know the one performance you definitely won’t want to miss is January’s Billy Dean concert. I’m really amazed that such a huge, contemporary country artist will actually be in concert here in little ol’ Payson.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Billy Dean debuted on Billboard’s country music chart in 1990 with his hit, “Only Here For A Little While,” which peaked at No. 3 and started a string of six consecutive Top 10 hits for this native Floridian. In 2000, he teamed with Kenny Rogers and Alison Krauss to score a No. 1 country hit with “Buy Me A Rose.”

This week’s music trivia question is: Which of the following songs was not a top 10 country hit for Billy Dean? A) “Billy The Kid,” B) “If There Hadn’t Been You,” C) “Let Them Be Little,” or D) “All My Exes Live In Texas?”

If you’re caller number six and have the correct answer, you’ll win a “Country’s Top Love Songs” CD, which includes one of the Billy Dean songs above.

In last week’s music trivia column, we talked about the many different species of birds that make Green Valley Park their permanent or seasonal home. And to go along with the “bird” theme, I posed a music query that was a little different than the usual multiple choice question. I asked readers to call in with a list of music groups that took their name from “birds.”

Whoever called in with the longest “bird” list would be that week’s winner and would receive a complimentary haircut and style (a $30 value) from Amanda Ruff, owner of the Shear Oasis Salon in the Swiss Village.

My thanks to the many people who called in with their lists of “bird” groups. It seemed like the average number of groups on callers’ lists was around five or six. Last week’s winner, Mari Janecek, compiled an accounting of 16 different groups!

Here are the groups (to which I’ve added the group’s top hit and year) which Mari came up with: The Flamingos (“I Only Have Eyes For You,” 1957); The Pelicans (“Aurelia,” 1953); The Crows (“Gee,” 1954); The Ravens (“Write Me A Letter,” 1948); The Partridge Family (“I Think I Love You,” 1970); The Byrds (“Turn! Turn! Turn!,” 1965); The Eagles (“Hotel California,” 1977) and The Wrens (“Hey Girl,” 1955).

Rounding out Mari’s list were: The Nightingales (“Don’t Blink,” 1982); The Falcons (“You’re So Fine,” 1959); The Penguins (“Earth Angel,” 1955); The Blue Jays (“Lover’s Island,” 1962); The Canaries (“Flying High,” 1970); The Larks (“The Jerk,” 1964); The Skylarks (“Wild Flower,” 1973) and The Swans (“Stay Here,” 1983).

Some of the other “bird” groups that were called in were the Orioles, Cardinals, Crow, Swallows, Parrots, Jayhawks, Yardbirds, Counting Crows, Robins, Blackbyrds and Meadowlarks.

Again, thank you to the many callers who phoned in with your avian lists and general knowledge of music trivia. My “birdbrain” was really impressed.

Have a great week!

DJ Craig — Phone: 468-1482

Web site: www.DJCraigInPayson.com


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