Gisela Needs More Sheriff Patrols To Curb Vandalism



I am a resident in the community of Gisela. I have lived in this beautiful valley eight years. Over the years there was peace and tranquility and has since been taken over by fear, frustration and anger.

You don’t have to live in the city to have the same problems. Drugs, theft and retaliations that result from calling the authorities are going on down here. Gasoline was taken out of the town’s fire truck. If we had a fire here in Gisela, how would we get there?

There are quite a few elderly people that have been here for sometime and some say, “It has never been so bad” and that they are truly afraid. There have been many instances of vandalism; I am not just talking about teenagers, there have been instances where 6- and 7-year-old children were breaking into people’s properties and stealing. Because of the distance we live from Payson, when a call is made to the sheriff’s office, who comes down here to answer a complaint, by the time they arrive, these children are long gone.

They just take off running home or where ever they won’t be found. It takes too long for a sheriff to get here. We all know these children by name, but cannot prove anything. When a sheriff tries to intervene and go to the homes where the children live, the parents say they have been home all night.

My question is, why can’t we have some kind of patrol in Gisela? Is it that we are too small a community or we don’t pay enough taxes? Who do we talk to and how many letters must we write to make it clear that we need Gila County to help our situation? We need an officer to patrol our community.

We have neighborhood watch with no good results. At least with a patrol car already down here when these crimes are committed, catching a culprit or culprits would be more likely and retaliation on the victims less likely. It is truly sad when your peace and tranquility is threatened more and more every day just because where you live, lacks protection availability.

Brenda Richard


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