Health Care Is Being Rationed



I am writing in response to the article written by U.S. Senator Jon Kyl.

Health care is already being rationed in the United States. It is being rationed by HMOs and insurance companies. Many of these for-profit institutions are in the business of making money, not promoting health. They do not necessarily consider “competitive effectiveness research” when determining the treatment they will fund. They do consider profit margins and effective use of their own financial resources.

Our health care system is not perfect. Restrictions on the “sacred doctor-patient relationship” are already imposed by third party payers. The “wait time” for uninsured people in our country, such as “childless adults” in Arizona, can be infinity to never. We have already seen people in our state die because they were denied eligibility for organ transplants.

While some people do come to our country for health care service, some of our citizens go to Canada and Mexico because medications and other interventions are less expensive there than they are here. Further, some of our citizens go to India, Thailand, and many South American countries for “medical vacations.” Medical vacations in other countries generally combine quality medical care with a more pleasant hospital environment than can be found in our own country. In our country there is a rush to get people in and out of inpatient facilities that sometimes has a negative effect on health outcomes.

Senator Kyl might consider the possibility that all citizens in our country should have the same health insurance and access to the health care system as he and other politicians have. If all of us had the same benefits as he has, we might be as delighted with the current health care system as he is, and many of us might not have to depend on the excellent services provided by volunteers at our own community’s Christian clinic.

Susan Claire


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