Addicts Get Creative When Hiding Their Stash


In past articles we’ve learned the crazy and bizarre things people do while under the influence of drugs. This article covers the crazy and bizarre places addicts use to hide a stash; places parents might want to be aware of.

In Cape May County, Pa., correction officers became suspicious when they opened inmate mail and found Disney character coloring book pages “painted” with a strange orange substance. They discovered the substance was a liquid form of Suboxone, a powerful narcotic medication used in the treatment of opioid dependency. It is normally available in pill form and unless closely monitored by a doctor may cause breathing problems or even death. The discovery resulted in three inmate arrests and two other females accused of sending the pages.

Other strange places drug users choose:

• Hollowed out candles

• An unopened pop can that has a bottom that unscrews

• Between mattresses

• In pockets of clothes hanging in the closet

• A fake stack of CDs in a storage case

• In a wall outlet of a sibling’s bedroom

• Under a fish tank

• Behind a book in a bookcase or on a shelf

• In the dead space between liners in a box used for cologne or lotion

• The drop ceiling of a basement

• In a weight bench where the plastic end comes off

• In the back of a speaker system behind the lining

• A computer case

• Chisel a hollow spot in the top of a door

• In the false top of a birdhouse

• Water bottles that aren’t really water bottles

Yes people on drugs actually use these places. In fact most of the suggestions came from a Web site of devoted marijuana users. It’s just too bad they don’t use their creativity for the betterment of mankind.

One friendly piece of advice was offered though: “If you gotta worry about it, you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

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Don’t use, abuse or be confused!

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