Being A Scout Is Fun



I want to tell you the value of Scouts. First of all it teaches you leadership, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness.

Also, it looks good on your record because you do community service projects.

You get to learn survival skills in case you get lost or if one of your family members gets hurt.

If you become an Eagle Scout you can get into colleges and military bases easier.

Scouts is fun as well. You can go on camp outs and hiking trips. You can go to jamborees and learn new things and make stuff.

Once you’re old enough, you get to go shooting, rappelling and rafting.

Lastly, you can spend time with friends.

I would like to thank my Scout leaders, Mr. Howard, Sid Ellidge, Ken Schneider and Jack Fleming for all their help, support and knowledge they pass on to us.

Nick Schneider



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