Pusd If Far Ahead Of Other Rural Schools In Use Of Technology



I was recently quoted as a PUSD employee in the Roundup. I actually work for the Statewide Instructional Technology Project, and am assigned to Gila County. When one takes snippets of a lengthy conversation, sometimes the meaning can unintentionally get confused.

I was making reference to someone else’s comment about the lack of skills in a particular rural district and said, “that there were teachers who couldn’t double-click a mouse.” While this is a true statement, this makes it sound like PUSD was the district. It has been my experience that PUSD is far ahead of most rural districts in the effective use of technology in the classroom.

The point was that there is a tremendously broad spectrum of expertise in Gila County. Little or no technology is used in some places, while other places are very creative and proficient in the use of technology. One thing I didn’t say, but should have is: Teachers can’t use what they don’t have!

The other point I tried to make was that the real-world problem solving has sometimes been sacrificed for high stakes paper tests. Teachers can only do so much without a paradigm shift. They are being pulled on from all sides.

Surely there is some middle ground in which paper assessments can cohabit with Project-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education to help better prepare our students for the future.

Rick Reed

Statewide Instructional Technology Project


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