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Select a darker floor for a more intimate look. Rich, dark floor colors also create a nice balance with bolder walls.

It’s the time of year when thoughts turn toward refeathering the nest.

Most people are forgoing major renovation projects due to the economy, according to a poll of top builders and developers taken by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) for CBS However, that doesn’t mean everyone is satisfied with the status quo.

There is a new trend among homeowners to opt for a room refresh in lieu of a major renovation. Smaller projects such as updating flooring and wall color make a difference and won’t break the budget.

Small changes can translate into big style, according to Erinn Valencich, L.A.-based interior designer and blogger for HGTV’s “Design Happens.”

“If the bones of a room are good, you don’t need to renovate. You can create a big impact simply by updating a few key elements in the space. The application of a few styling tips, like adding colorful pillows or rearranging accessories, can start to transform a room,” says Valencich.

She suggests trading secondary furniture pieces between rooms to get a fresher vibe without investing in new furniture. Shop secondhand furniture stores and junk shops for unusual pieces that will add a little something extra to the setting.

Start with the floor

When Valencich approaches a room refresh, she often begins with the floor.

“Most people may not realize how much a floor adds to the ambiance of a space. A dull or scuffed floor can make a room look tired,” says Valencich.

Many people try hiding worn floors by layering in rugs, but Valencich warns that too many rugs become clutter. Rather than purchasing area rugs to solve the problem, she suggests putting those dollars into a new floor.

For example:

• A small, dark room will feel more spacious with a lighter floor and either a soft or bright wall color.

• Light floors can also create a dramatic impact when paired with deeper toned walls.

• For a more intimate look, select a darker floor.

• Rich, dark floor colors also create a nice balance with bolder walls.

When adding floors to a space, use hard surfaces such as wood or laminate for their depth of tone and natural feel.

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