Town Will Have Problems With College Coming To Town



In a recent letter to the Roundup I wrote about the problems the town is going to have with the coming of a four-year college.

Phon Sutton took it upon himself to change what I actually said into his version and incorrect words. He said that I said I don’t want a four-year college, but I didn’t say anything like that! What I really did was point out that Payson is not yet ready to handle all the problems that will come with this.

He also said that I must have trouble driving on the inferior roads! All I did was to note that more road problems will occur when 6,000 students start using them. He also accused me of needing the infrastructure improved just for me. Anyone should know that it is for the good of the town and its residents.

I also pointed out that our already overstressed police department will have added problems.

It seems that he doesn’t care about things that make for a better town and if this college will benefit “him and his,” so be it, but the problems will still come.

Jack Jasper


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